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Vero USA Announces - VISI Progress V. 18 Presents Significant New Capabilities

Vero USA Announces

VISI ProgressMay 27, 2010 (Wixom, MI) - Vero Software, a leading provider of CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for the tooling industry announced the upcoming release of VISI Progress V. 18, a substantial release with many new features for the design of Progressive Dies and Press Tools.  Industry specific functionality provides a more productive and efficient design experience.
Significant new capabilities
VISI Progress AnimationVISI Progress enhancements include a new animation of the forming process, an automated method to apply blend radii to sharp edges, a re-development of ribs & bosses and the introduction of suspenders management within the strip.
Forming Animation
A new animation tool has been introduced for VISI 18 dynamically display the forming process. At every frame of the animation, it is possible to visualize the thinning map status and interactively rotate the model. Every graphical mode is available (wireframe, shading, transparency).  The animation can be recorded as a movie file, and it is available within any command based on solver engine, included Display results. 
Ribs & Bosses
VISI Progress 18 complex surfacesThe previous Ribs & Bosses function has been totally redeveloped for VISI 18. The new command is much more powerful and can be used to create ribs & bosses onto complex surface forms. Based on the Swept and Multiple blend on surfaces functionality from VISI Modeling, the new option also includes a dynamic preview during construction.  Importantly, the ribs and boss features are recognized as 'formed' features within the unfolding tree.
Interface consolidation for Offline Commands
The offline unfolding commands have been redesigned for VISI 18 to simply the task of part development. Three new consolidated commands, Flange unfolding, Blank unfolding and Make binder replace the following old commands : Flange bend, Flange on edges, Flange on customer binder, Partial blank, Make blank, Blank on custom binder, Make binder on bend and Make binder on edges.  These new commands have been extended to include face selection, a result preview and the thinning map with animation (for Flange unfolding and Blank unfolding).
Automated Fillet Application
When working with imported geometry, fillet radii is often missing but required for blank development or step-by-step unfolding. VISI 18 introduces a new tool to automatically apply blend radii to inner and outer sharp edges.
A new 'Suspender' tool has been introduced to the strip design for VISI 18. Suspenders are the links between part being developed and how it is carried along the strip. Commonly, the suspender is also 'formed' during the stamping process of a progressive tool.  For VISI 18, a new specific property is available to define the faces of the suspender which are automatically recognized by the system during the strip construction.
Insert Design & Tool Cavities
Insert Design - A specific tool for designing hardened and tempered inserts has been developed for VISI 18. This new function automatically calculates the optimized rectangular inserts based on the number of holes in the die plate.
Tool Cavities - A new tool to automatically apply relief holes on the internal corner of cavities has been developed for VISI 18. Two methods are available : The first one uses a hole with the center on the corner, the second method uses a hole optimized to the last milling tool used to create the pocket.
A number of enhancements have been introduced into Multi-slides for VISI 18. The most important is the possibility to create the counter cam. The new routine creates the counter cam on based on the behavior of the selected cam. The user is also warned if an incomplete stroke is detected.
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