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PBE in Belgium Decides to Introduce ESRI-based ArcFM UT from AED-SICAD

Sept. 23, 2008 - PBE ("De Provinciale Brabantse Energiemaatschappij - La Provinciale Brabançonne d'Energie“) is the supplier for electricity and cable TV and this for a large number of municipalities around Leuven in the western and eastern part of the provinces of “Vlaams-Brabant” and “Brabant Walloon” of Belgium. In total, 20 municipalities from the Flemish and 4 from the Walloon region belong to the distribution area of PBE. Due to the limitations of the current CAD-based documentation system with mostly manual processes, PBE was looking for a GIS and database-driven system, allowing among others also the generation of other plan types (e.g. overview plans) from the as-built plan. PBE selected in August 2008 AED-SICAD’s ArcFM UT product suite for the documentation and analysis of utility networks. AED-SICAD business partner ESRI BeLux will implement the solution under participation of AED-SICAD. Mr. Herman Remmerie, PBE general manager, explains that “PBE saw that the team of AED-SICAD and ESRI BeLux best understood our business processes and what we were really looking for. Besides the price, this was a very important criterion for our selection”.

About PBE
The core activities of the PBE are the management of the electric distribution network for the 24 member municipalities and the provision of cable- and digital television in 14 municipalities in Belgium. The company operates an electricity grid with over 90,000 connections and a cable network with more than 55,000 customers.

About ESRI BeLux
ESRI BeLux NV is the official representative of ESRI (California, USA) in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. ESRI is a world leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). ESRI BeLux was founded in May 1998 as a subsidiary of Eurosense, Walphot and ESRI Inc.. (USA). Eurosense is a pan-European leading commercial remote sensing organization, with capacity for large scale mapping and geographic imaging projects. ESRI BeLux is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Tele Atlas, and for AED SICAD’s ArcFM UT solution. ESRI BeLux is ISO 9001 certified. ESRI BeLux offers a range of professional services: Consultancy, need analysis, GIS analysis, development of GIS applications, geographic data conversion and integration, project management, GIS implementation, software training, custom trainings etc.. The main customers of ESRI BeLux are mostly in the public sector.

AED-SICAD Aktiengesellschaft (AED-SICAD), Bonn/Munich, Germany, is the leading GIS application company in Europe, offering standard applications and tailor-made solutions. Their portfolio comprises high-end geo-information systems for the key segments utilities, cadastre and land management, and local government. AED-SICAD employs more than 200 people. With various office sites in Germany as well as numerous distribution partners worldwide AED-SICAD offers a high degree of customer proximity. Additionally, AED-SICAD makes use of the international sales channels of ESRIâ and Siemens. ESRI holds shares in AED-SICAD. AED-SICAD owns a majority interest of 51% in its business partner BARAL and a 50% share of the company ARC-GREENLAB. AED-SICAD develops innovative standard applications and branch-specific solutions and offer individual services ranging from project management and consulting, customer-specific customization and localization to technical support and training. With ArcFMä UT for the utility industry and LM on ArcGIS® for cadastre and land management, AED-SICAD develops a new generation of GIS applications and solutions based on the worldwide leading ArcGIS core technology. http://www.aed-sicad.com


Florian Brandi-Dohrn
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ESRI Belux
Robert Denamur
Tel.: +32-2-460-74-80
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