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Animatrik Uses Shotgun for Motion Capture Production Management

October 7, 2016 - Founded in 2001 by Brett Ineson, Animatrik is a leading provider of motion capture and virtual production services for film, TV and game industry clients. With studios located in Vancouver and Los Angeles, a team of 40 artists, producers and supervisors rely on Shotgun’s production management platform for heavy data tracking, client review and allocating the team’s resources to meet stringent budgets and deadlines. 

Animatrik recently spent 18 months working on “Gears of War 4,” an upcoming third-person shooter developed by The Coalition and published by Microsoft Studios. “It was a big project with lots of different shoots and data to track, and Shotgun really helped us manage our resources,” said Ineson, “We could see how many people we had on a particular part of the pipeline, know where we were on the workload, and make sure we were on track and could move people around from other projects if needed.”

In addition to managing internal resources, Animatrik uses Shotgun for keeping track of motion capture data and assets. The studio uses Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder, Vicon Blade, Lightstorm’s Giant Software, OptiTrack’s Motive, and proprietary tools for tracking and solving motion capture data in-house. All solutions are fully integrated with Shotgun, enabling the team to track all project information and tasks through one centralized location.

“We can share videos of mocap shoots with our clients for review, and allow our team to jump in and quickly see where a shot is in the pipeline,” said Ineson, “We’ve also implemented a process that updates the Shotgun database in realtime as we’re conducting a mocap shoot.”

“You have to constantly innovate to stay competitive in the VFX industry,” concluded Ineson. “Being able to keep your business healthy and better serve both employees and clients is always a priority. Having a solid pipeline helps us stay on track, on time and under budget.”

For more information about Animatrik, visit  www.Animatrik.com, for more information about Shotgun Software, visit  www.shotgunsoftware.com.