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Social Point Converts the Classic Console Experience Into a Highly Innovative 3D Mobile Game With the Launch of Dragon Land

NEW YORK, NY and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM -- (Marketwired) -- Mar 10, 2016 -- From Social Point, a leading games company and creators of Dragon City & World Chef, comes a groundbreaking 3D platform game called Dragon Land, now available to download for free on iOS and Android. It will be supported by a large range of devices both low and high-end with an optimized performance to ensure a smooth experience with Unity. Are you ready for a unique mobile gaming experience that captures the imagination of both old school and new gamers?

Dragons used to live carelessly, producing gold and gems in their floating islands -- but one day, Evil Boss Borg appeared like a huge shadow over the islands, he stole the goods and he kidnapped all the dragons! Well, all but one... brave little Blaze escaped from the assault and swore that he would rescue all his friends from the claws of Borg and his band of evil bosses. This is the story of Blaze's amazing adventure through the Land of Dragons. Level by level, this fiery dragon will get his riches and his friends back.

Playing with the famous dragons from Dragon City, users will embark on an exciting experience that brings back the nostalgia of classic console games: run, jump, climb, glide, dash and fight your way through this land of dragons. Easy to play but hard to master, the intuitive controls make it simple to move around, but to complete all the episode's players must prove their skills.

Other than the fun of the "campaign" mode, players can enjoy competing with friends in real time "multiplayer" races or try out the arcade style, "quick play" challenge. Social Point uses Photon as a networking engine to ensure an easy, fast and reliable multiplayer experience.

"Dragon Land is a classic adventure game, but this time in your pocket," says producer Dano Alonso. "Delivering this kind of innovative experience on mobile has always been a challenge. At Social Point we have devoted all our passion and expertise to create a game everyone can fall in love with."

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