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1Spatial delivers Advanced Geospatial Analysis Subsystem to form part of Pole Star’s MarVTS LRIT-DC product

February 27, 2009 -- 1Spatial, through its subsidiary ComSine, has delivered to Pole Star Space Applications Limited (UK) an advanced geospatial analysis subsystem to form part of its MarVTS LRIT-DC product and in addition its suite of associated Fleet Management and Alert offerings.

The International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Regulation i.e. SOLAS V/19-1, requires that in general all ships on international voyage should automatically transmit a GPS position report each 6 hours via a satellite communication system to a Data Centre (DC) established by the Flag the ship is registered to. 1Spatial’s geospatial components provide Pole Star with the mandatory functionality to allow each DC to establish the relational location of the incoming position reports against a published set of dynamic geographical areas and complex associated position reporting rules (set-up by each participating Government to represent approximately their coastline, territorial sea and outer 1000 nm LRIT zone).

As a result of this project 1Spatial is delighted to announce a new formal partnership with Pole Star. The partnership is an exciting mutually beneficial collaboration that sees Pole Star’s expertise in the provision of highly successful commercial marine asset tracking services, complementing 1Spatial’s digital spatial data handling and associated operational software development expertise. In the future and in addition to the continued evolution of Pole Star’s MarVTS LRIT-DC offerings, 1Spatial will be working with Pole Star to enhance the spatial data management and web mapping services in other Pole Star commercial tracking services and products, through the application of geospatial data management and access standards.

Julian Longson, Business Development Director of Pole Star, commented:
‘We have been extremely impressed with 1Spatial’s implementation of our geospatial analysis subsystem – the project was delivered on-time and to budget by an extremely competent project team that worked with Pole Star’s Research and Development team. Their geospatial and access standards domain knowledge was crucial to the success of the project and will continue to be so now that we have formally established a technology development partnership in this regard.’

Richard Proud, Managing Director of ComSine added:
‘We are delighted to be working with Pole Star on the development of their LRIT services and, in the future, other aspects of their asset tracking systems. The Maritime IT sector represents a new business area for us, which we look forward to mutually exploring further. We recognise Pole Star as a leading global company in the provision of operational asset tracking services and having formalised our partnership with them, our complimentary skills and experience stand us in good stead to achieve a great deal, both now and in the future.’

About ComSine
ComSine, established in 2002, is a subsidiary of the 1Spatial Group, specialising in IT consultancy and software/hardware development for the telecommunications and geographic information industries, with a specific focus on systems and applications where these two fields intersect. ComSine draws together staff with extensive and complementary personal experience of working in telecommunications and geographic information, allowing them to offer customers a unique blend of skills and expertise. The current focus of much of ComSine’s work is in the application of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards for ‘SensorWeb Enablement’ (SWE) and in the development of new mobile satellite communication services and products.

About 1Spatial
1Spatial delivers integration and quality control software and services to help organisations maximise value from geospatial information.  With an open, standards-based, GIS-neutral approach 1Spatial enables the integration and transformation of geospatial data across and between operational planning and decision-making processes.  In doing so, 1Spatial can help reduce costs and increase efficiencies, delivering added value into workflows of any scale or complexity.  The modern era demands the unconstrained sharing and integration of ever-increasing amounts of geospatial data. 1Spatial is a leader in facilitating such sharing and integration through the creation of cooperative infrastructures and workflows. www.1spatial.com

About Pole Star

Pole Star is dedicated to the provision of regulatory LRIT / SSAS services and commercial Fleet Management vessel tracking solutions to the shipping industry. Pole Star currently work with more than 600 clients having operational responsibility for over 13,000 ships. Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) will add a further 10,000 ships in due course (by end-2010). Pole Star’s MarVTS LRIT-DC product is currently provided as a Software-as-a-Service to: Australia (inc. Cook Islands and Papua New Guinea), Bahrain, Belize, Bermuda, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Isle of Man, Israel, Jordan, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Recognised ASP to the United States of America.
  www.polestarglobal.com  / www.lrit.com

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