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As their first participation to Siggraph, Speedernet will showcase Sphere

Los Angeles, July 30 - August 3, 2017 - Booth Pavillon France #423-431

Jul 19, 2017 -- With Sphere, it has never been as easy to create 360°/ VR experiences or just watch them. Sphere is a simple web interface that offers a unique learning approach through innovation cutting edge tools. As a results businesses are able to create intuitively 360° VR experience without a single line of code.

The software targets mostly large companies who have the desire to insource the production and the distribution of their own 360°/VR content for professional training, and for illustrating safety and security processes. Where previously they had employed PowerPoint presentations to emphasize the importance of safety, businesses can now put their employees at the heart of proceedings.
Trainees use VR to practice essential skills without placing lives at risk improving their chance of easily retaining information. Factories and manufacturers are among early adopters, using Sphere to train workers in real time and provide immediate feedback. With users seeing the correct techniques with Sphere as they perform tasks, training is being redefined, and people begin to perform complex operations in the field with VR technology creating additional contextual information and operating procedures.
On its booth, Speedernet, who develops innovative e-learning solutions for large corporations, will showcase Sphere and will put the spotlight on the latest developments, the future product developments, as well as they will demonstrate how their major customers such as Vinci, Air France or L’Oreal use.
Join us and live the Sphere virtual experience!
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