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BACtrack® Announces App for Apple Watch; Provides First-Ever Continuous Estimate of BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) via Glances Feature

New Watch App Allows Users to Easily Measure Alcohol Level, Track Results, and Set Actionable Notification Reminders

SAN FRANCISCO, April 8, 2015 — (PRNewswire) —  Today BACtrack®, the leader in personal and professional-grade breathalyzers, announced its app for Apple Watch. The standalone app syncs with both the BACtrack Mobile and BACtrack Vio smartphone breathalyzers, allowing users to initiate and complete BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) tests via the touchscreen on the Watch. Moving the testing process from the smartphone to the wrist makes it easier, faster and more convenient for users to access their estimated alcohol level anytime, anywhere. The BACtrack app will be available in the Watch App Store at launch on April 24th.

A recent BACtrack survey shows that 63% of consumers do not know how many drinks it takes them to reach the legal driving limit of 0.08% BAC, and a shocking 50% of those surveyed said they've driven a car without knowing if they were below the legal limit. With the BACtrack app on Apple Watch, testing is easier and more convenient than ever before. BACtrack hopes this will encourage people to test themselves more often so they can better understand how alcohol affects their bodies and make smarter decisions while drinking.

How It Works
When a user opens the BACtrack app on Apple Watch, he or she may choose to take a BAC test, set reminders or view past readings.

What's New
With the Glances feature, a user can view the Active ZeroLine™, an entirely new feature that provides a continuous countdown of one's estimated BAC, directly on the Watch screen. This unique feature is the first-of-its-kind and was developed specifically for the BACtrack app on Apple Watch; it is not currently offered on the BACtrack app for smartphones. By having BAC data just a glance away, the information is more accessible than ever before.

"The Apple Watch provides BACtrack users with an even better user experience," said Keith Nothacker, president and founder of BACtrack. "Having BAC results and the Active ZeroLine displayed at a glance on the wrist helps users know where they stand at any given moment. We hope this will encourage people to test themselves and their friends more often, and inspire others to do the same so that more people will make smart decisions while drinking."

BACtrack Mobile and BACtrack Vio can be purchased at BACtrack.com for $99.99 and $49.99, respectively. They are also available in Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) stores nationwide, and online at BestBuy.com and Amazon.com.

About BACtrack
San Francisco ­based BACtrack is the U.S. leader in breathalyzers, offering a full range of innovative products for both personal and professional use. Founded in 2001, BACtrack helps people monitor their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and make informed decisions about alcohol consumption. In 2013, BACtrack launched BACtrack Mobile, the world's first smartphone breathalyzer that uses police-­grade fuel cell sensor technology and Bluetooth connectivity. It has since won Popular Science's 2013 'Best of What's New' Award for its innovation in health, and an Edison Award for Industrial Design. BACtrack breathalyzers are available in 20 countries and at over 15,000 store locations, including Walgreens, Costco and Best Buy stores, and can be purchased online at Amazon, Walmart.com, and Target.com. BACtrack products have been featured on Oprah's All Stars, The Dr. Phil Show, The Doctors, and MythBusters. Connect with BACtrack via Twitter and on Facebook. For more company information, visit www.bactrack.com

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